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Code of Ethics

Employees of Ali & Sons Contracting Co. shall discharge their duties and responsibilities fairly and imparttially. They also shall maintain a standard of conduct that will inspire public confidence in the integrity of the company. In view of this, he/she:

  • Shall have full regard to the public interest in fulfilling his or her responsibilities to the client.
  • Shall not engage in any deceptive practice, or in any practice which creates an unfair advantage for the competitors or subcontractors.
  • Shall not maliciously or recklessly injure or attempt to injure, whether directly or indirectly , the professional reputation of others.
  • Shall not engage in any physical and/or verbal abuse.
  • Shall endure that when providing a service, service shall be fair and understanding.
  • Shall not divulge to any person, firm, or company, information of a confidential nature acquire during the course of professional activities.
  • Shall carry out responsibilities in accordance with current professional practice, so far as it lies within his or her power.
  • Shall keep informed of new thought and development in the construction process appropriate to the type and level if his or her responsibilities.
  • Shall honor contracted price, warranties made, comitted timeframe, quoted quality materials and service and statutory requirements of United Arab Emirates.
  • Shall honor the company's administrative policies.

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