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Health & Safety Policy Statement

ALI & SONS Directors, Senior Staff and employees consider Health, Safely and the protection of the Environment to be of the highest priority in the every day activities of the company. It is the policy of Ali & Sons to provide and maintain a standard of training , information, instruction and supervision in health and Safety to enable it employees to carry out their given duties safely. All employees have a clear responsibility to maintain a positive attitude to safety awareness and to prevent injury to themselves and others.

We at Ali & Sons comply with the U.A.E. Health & Safety ministerial orders. However, we recognize the need to work to international standards and we will endeavor to ensure that the company and its contractors comply with current international Health and Safety regulations. We will also supply sufficient resources to help acheive a pro-active safety culture.

Policy objectives "As far as is reasonably practicable we believe".

  • "Zero incident" is achievable and it is product of day to day operation.
  • Responsibility and commitment to ensure that all employees work in a Safe and Healthy environment and will diligently comply with all Safety & Health laws and regulations.
  • Accountability by making sure that each manager, supervisor and sub-contractor is held accountable for the achievement of company objectives and those objectives are well communicated and understood by everybody.
  • Believe strongly that all incidents are preventable and will take every measure to prevent job related injuries and illness.
  • The application of sound Safety & Health practices for the protection of our people and the environment is an essential ingredient in the overall success of our business.
  • Each employee is well informed and trained to perform his job in a produtive safe way through proper induction, effective job instruction, toolbox talks and with proper supervision throughout their employment. Furthermore, each employee is an important part of our Safety & Health program and we expect them to be committed to the objectives.
  • Carrying out regular safety inspections and maintaining and accident prevention program that ascertains cause and taking corrective action for every accident.

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