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Quality Policy Statement

Our objectives are to acheive the best practice and the best value for our customers and clients through greater focus on our business objectives and customer expectations.

Through understanding our client's requirements, we hope to acheive and maintain quality products to meet, and if possible, exceed our client's stated or implied needs

ALI & SONS CONTRACTING Co. ( Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Interior Division ) has gained a reasonable market position, which through improved Management confidence and improved performance, co-ordination and productivity, will open up new opportunities and enhance our market share and position.

It is our policy to work with our suppliers / sub-contractors fairly and equitably and to accept criticism positively, resolve matters of concern promptly and deliver our projects in a timely manner.

ALI & SONS CONTRACTING ( Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Interior Division ) has embarked on the road to total quality through implementing a systematic approach to our work processes in working towards certification to ISO 9001:2000.

It is hoped that by this year 2007 ALI & SONS CONTRACTING will recieve certification to this international standard.

We have started.

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